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Oh whoa, whoa, whoa, WAIT, what?!?!

People, WHAT is the deal with this new show Hitched or Ditched?!?  Ok, so it’s on the CW so that obviously speaks volumes, but this is crazier than Janice Dickinson in the jungle screaming about her last bowel movement (or lack thereof).

So the premise looks like it involves a couple [obviously] who have been together for [fill in the blank] number of years, and one of their friends [A FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!] proposes that they organize a wedding [read: the CW organizes a wedding with as much drama, buttercream and overpriced floral arragements as possible] in a week. 

As it appears, one half of the couple – the bride in tonight’s episode – is all for it.  The dude has a few things he might rather do as it seems.  She works out her dream wedding in a week, and he basically decides if he’s down.  Well, technically they BOTH get to decide if they’re down.  Neither one knows whether their wedding is on or off until they are met with their fiance or left high and dry AT THE ALTAR.  So they have a week filled with rushed wedding invitations to the parents of the bride and groom, petty arguments, discussions entitled: to relocate or not to relocate, and then they are forced to decide the rest of their lives.

Wait!  WHAT!?  Is there a clearer, more swift way to ruin what might possibly just be a perfectly wonderful relationship?  I can’t think of one. 

Oh yeah, and these fame-whoring douchebags have invited the obligated members of their families and friends to witness these straight-up crazy shenanigans.  My mom would be having none of this crap. 

Who would sign up for this nuttiness?!  Are 15 minutes of reality-show “fame” really worth selling your self-respect and soul for a chance?

Mind blowing.  I thought Jon & Kate was more than I could handle last night.  Turns out, TV is not about to disappoint.


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