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Simple Truth

I ran across this quote online last week – and I have it posted by my computer at work.  Good quotes are to me little reminders of the things that truly matter in life.  Perspective, really.  And, Lord knows, this girl needs some perspective on a fairly regular basis.

“To talk about your laundry list of troubles does not make you fascinating.  To ignore your fears does not make them go away.  But to follow your heart makes you brave.”

Clearly my heart has not always led me in the right direction, but I believe that is mostly because my head was interfering.  Had I truly listened to my heart, life may have been less painful.

Looking forward, I can see that following my heart may very well mean that life will hurt more than a little.  Sometimes pain comes in having to be the bigger person for what seems like the millionth time in order to save a relationship, letting go of everything that doesn’t measure up or truly make me happy, not seeing the ones I love the most nearly enough.

But I know that by truly trusting in what I know is right for me, it will all be okay.  And I will be better, stronger, and more loving as a result.


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