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Briefly… I will stop being such a douchy blogger later

When I get behind in my blogging obligations… [haha!] it always seems like I have oh-so-much going on.  However, today I can’t think of anything that is all that important.  A brief update for the few who care.

  • Easter was spent in Sheldon.  Favorite person came along.  It was as enjoyable as was hoped, and drama-free.  FABULOUS.
  • Healthy eating continues to be a goal.  One that I am pretty successful at.  Until today.
  • Today, I ate Taco Johns for lunch.  BUT, without potato oles.  AND, it had been WELL over a week since I last indulged.  No need for congratulations, I’m impressed enough with myself thank you very much.
  • I finished a great book for this month – Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult – which I will write more about soon.  P.S. I LOVE for my continual supply of new [to me] good reads.  If you’re a reader and love nothing more than carrying a book with you everywhere in your small-child-sized purse [like me!], I would highly recommend.  On the other hand, if you’re the type who enjoys the smell of many leather-bound books (and, let’s be honest, the appearance!), you should continue to waste money at the bookstore on books you will never ever read again.
  • My first 5K was run on April 19.  I sucked, but am super-happy that I did it, and that my first race is now officially under my belt.  And I’m still running.  Mostly because I have much improvement to make.  All good things, though.
  • As always, I am on my perpetual search for good music.  Of any kind. 
  • The dogs continue to be ill-behaved.  But they’re cute.
  • I need to update the pictures on Flickr.  I know. I know.
  • I also need to find a lawn boy.  My yard is a jungle.  Bea looks like she’s lost in a corn field when she’s out there.  Ugh… being an adult has so much less fun than I expected when I was 8!

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