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so, in general I’m showing improvement…

Obviously my dedication to “food journaling” was short-lived, but I think the sentiment remains.  In the back of my mind, I at least consider what admitting to my current craving will look like on my blog before I consume said unhealthy choice.

Basically, I’m giving up on that “goal,” but I remain dedicated to choosing healthier options.  For instance, this week has only included one trip to Taco Johns… and I resisted the fried delicacy known as Potato Oles while there.  I did get some nacho cheese, though… it’s a problem. 

I finally made it to the gym last night as penance, though.  And after a good run, I find it impossible to eat junk.  So at least that works in my favor.  And I’m registering for my first 5K today.  Exciting stuff!


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