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The Economy as it Relates to Me

Sure, I watch the news with varying degrees of attention throughout the week.  I read a fair amount of coverage online (right AFTER I completely devour dlisted and Perez).  And obviously, the economy and the consequences of its troubles are being covered everywhere.

I get it.  I know these are scary times.  I know several people who have been left jobless.  Raises are hard to come by.  Business expansions, even harder.  New career paths are downright nightmare-inducing. 

I definitely have concerns, but I can’t say that I am scared… yet.  At least for myself.  After four years in D.C., I learned pretty clearly how to survive on little funds, and very often no disposable income.

MSN ran a story in their money section today on consumers’ preferance for generic brands in the grocery stores versus the name brands.  The article is here:, and really details the stock market changes that these decisons are affecting. 

However, I am thinking about it in another way.  If Oreos and Coke (and I’m only using these examples because they’re cited in the article) are expensive versions of what grocery shoppers are looking for, why not instead of simply going for the generic form, take this opportunity to choose healthier alternatives?

While fresh produce of all varieties is not always cheap, bananas generally are.  Or, what about some whole grain bread or crackers, some unprocessed cheese?  Rice, beans, eggs, etc.?

In my ongoing effort to become more conscientious about what I shovel into my mouth, I am choosing to spend the money I have designated for groceries on ingredients – in wholesome, unprocessed forms – for meals that are satisfying and healthy for me.  I think this is a good time for our nation as a whole to reevaluate not only what we spend our money on, but how we can make that money work harder for us.  Especially in ways that might affect our waistlines, disease prevention, and general health.  That would save money in many ways. 

Plus, let me just add that I save a boatload in grocery costs by never spending a dime on meat.  I hold nothing against those who choose a carnivore lifestyle (at least publicly), but my choice to eat a meat-free diet certainly cuts significant grocery costs for me.

All this stated, I will still at least have some Coke in the fridge, though.  It’s my guilty pleasure.  And it will surely help ease the anxiety of this economy, at least for me!


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