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I’m getting why this works

After only a few short days of food journaling, I have learned a few things.  Quick for me, I know!  First, food journaling is a brutal activity, and should not be taken lightly.  Second, the power of journaling eating habits (especially for someone like me who sort of flies through life by the seat of her pants) is great and hit me like a freight train.

Being able to reflect on and write down the things I choose to put into my body was telling, to say the least.  I do sort of like myself, and I recognize the fact that I feel better after a healthy meal and significantly not better after an order of something like potato oles with nacho cheese.  I sincerely LIKE putting good things in my body, but I get stuck snacking and eating crappy crap.

BUT I’m working on improvement, and I suppose that is what food journaling is all about – keeping yourself accountable for your decisions and striving for improvement.  On Wednesday, I prepared four complete salads for my upcoming lunches at work.  They’re in my precious Gladware containers neatly stacked in the fridge.  All I have to do in the morning is grab one and go.  AND IT’S WORKING!

I still haven’t gotten used to eating breakfast… although thanks for all the great comments, Susan and Lauren!  I’m thinking I may hard boil some eggs this weekend for some protein.  I’ll work on the fiber… blech.

And even more exciting for me – given the awesome weather Kansas has seen this week, I got an outdoor run in last night.  It felt amazing!  I can’t wait for the consistent nice temperatures so I can get back into the groove.  The treadmill (and the gym as a whole) just isn’t the same as being able to enjoy some fresh air.

I’m feeling like a new person already!  Life is good.


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