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This whole “Food Journal” thing is going to be crap…

I have come to the conclusion that my eating habits need an overhaul.  I am ridiculous when it comes to planning meals that are healthy and / or not purely out of convenience, or to appease my need for nacho cheese.  Well-rounded eating is clearly not in my DNA… or at least something I have the desire to really care about.

All-in-all, Monday didn’t end up too poorly after that lunch of ramen.  I finished up the day with a tuna salad sandwich from Mr. Goodcents (I was a first-timer).  However, the side order of 3-hours of The Bachelor certainly did not aid digestion.  Oh, the douchebaggery was overwhelming.

Tuesday – a completely different story.  I’m not much of a breakfast fan, so my “fast was broken” with Taco Johns… two bean burritos with sour cream and nacho cheese, to be exact.  It makes me want to puke right now just thinking about it.  But at the time, wow was that heaven!  Please note, that I did spend an hour at the gym before work and this disgusting excuse for a lunch.  Dinner consisted of store-bought sushi and [nearly] a bottle of wine. 

Today – Wednesday – I actually did eat breakfast.  Two pieces of toast with blueberry jam.  It was delicious, but definitely added to my long-held belief that eating breakfast only makes me hungrier earlier in the day.  Since my healthy breakfast, I have pretty much been grazing with a level of consistency that I often wish I could apply to other areas of my life [read: exercise, time for a good book, organization.]

I need a food coach, I have decided.  Applications currently being accepted.


3 thoughts on “This whole “Food Journal” thing is going to be crap…

  1. Food journaling is the one thing I hate most about Weight Watchers. Not so much because I don’t want to know what I’ve eaten, but I just hate having to put it all to paper.

    Breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day, but I’ve never liked it. I don’t like cold cereals that get soggy, I hate eggs, I’m not a fan of dairy. So I eat NutriGrain blueberry waffles, instant oatmeal, or weight watchers bagels with light veggie flavored cream cheese. It sorta helps me forget that I’m eating breakfast a little bit.

    Maybe that will help! Good luck!

  2. I don’t really like breakfast, either, but I’ve found that if I pair something whole grain (fiber) with something protein, I can last longer without needing a snack.

    Like an English Muffin (try these) plus an egg, for example. Not too too many calories, but should be filling.

    I also found whole wheat pita with a pretty high protein and fiber content (Wegmans!) and I have it with hummus. That’s a good snack, provided you don’t eat the whole tub of hummus. 😉

    Fiber One now has snack bars–they’re not bad.

    Fiber + Protein really is the key to feeling full, though.

  3. Oh, I absolutely HATE journaling…but I know that when I do it, is when I actually lose weight. I was just complaining to The Hubz about this the other night. I don’t want to journal for the rest of my life! But that’s the only way I can hold myself accountable for what I eat. Ugh.

    My plan at this point is to journal ’til I’m down to my goal weight, and then journal for a while longer…and then any time my weight creeps back up a little, journal for a few weeks. Sucks.

    Oh, more breakfast ideas:

    Mini egg muffins (I’ve actually made these, and with ketchup, they’re not so bad, but I don’t especially like eggs. You can leave out the bacon, of course!)

    apple bran muffins

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