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Why do I do this to myself?

Meaning: Why do I define “bringing a lunch” as remembering I have a package of ramen noodles in my desk drawer?  Seriously?

I am trying to bring a lunch with me more days a week than not to save some money.  Well, that, and also to cut back on my Taco Johns consumption because that’s just ridiculous.  Not to mention, completely counter-intuitive to my becoming more regular workout schedule.

I’m adding a new goal to the list – being prepared with healthy and tasty lunch options at the office.  And, so you don’t think this will be yet another somewhat-easily-f0rgotten goal on my list, I will keep a food diary.  Here.  Only because I have a feeling it will be funny, and I need all the help I can get.

With that in mind, I feel like starting with this weekend’s diet.  It was awful, to say the least.  I want to start here because, let’s be honest, it can only improve!

Saturday, February 28

  • Breakfast – half of my black olive pizza that I didn’t even touch after the Josh Radin / Meiko concert
  • Lunch – handful of Wheat Thins
  • Dinner – salmon, baked potato and salad (not so bad, huh?  Can’t necessarily take credit for the validity of this meal over the weekend.  But I will revel in my “success” all the same.)

Sunday, March 1

  • Breakfast – coffee and (too many) Swedish pancakes with butter and lingonberries. (Thanks for your culturaly culinary expertise, Kip!)
  • Later – crab rangoons, chips and queso, Miller Lite at Varsity Blues
  • Later still – Papa John’s cheese bread with exactly 4 marinara sauces… the perfect ratio!
  • Side order with the cheese bread: Rock of Love Bus on VH1 (by FAR the least healthy portion of my weekend!)

Today, so far I have managed one large cup of coffee, ramen noodles, and I am indulging in a Coke this afternoon. 

Not looking so hot.  The gym will be screeching my name at 5:30 tomorrow morning.  I can feel it coming.


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