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LOST catch-up – well marinated

In an effort to avoid looking too eager to accomplish my fitness goals (right!), I blew off my 4 mile run at the gym last night.  Yesterday was a fairly stressful day at the office, and while a workout might have had healing properties, I looked to past LOST episodes on my DVR and a bottle of wine instead. 

Probably not such a grand idea.  Aside from the complications of drunken / poor word choices that the evening caused in my real life, I learned that being that drunk while watching 3 back-t0-back episodes of LOST is also a bit emotionally challenging.

In my weepy state last night, I started taking stock of all of the love stories that this season of LOST includes.  And, for the most part, they are of the love-so-great-one-has-no-concept-of-self-preservation-over-the-other’s-best-interest variety.  The most heart-wrenching form of love, in my opinion.  But also the kind that everyone hopes to find.

  • My favorite LOST couple is Desmond and Penny.  Their kiss on her boat when her crew fishes the “Oceanic 6” from the water was A-mazing.  Plus, they both have adorable accents.  I could listen to the two of them read the phonebook all day.
  • Jin (who knew HE was alive) and Sun stole my heart last night too (Keep in mind, I am not current on my LOST viewing.  I am still one episode behind, so I’m referring to the episode: “This Place is Death.”).  Jin’s demand that she continue to believe he is dead in order to keep her from coming back to the weirdness and danger of the island was heart breaking.
  • I will always hate the freighters, so I could honestly give a shit what happens to Daniel and Charlotte. 
  • AND SAWYER.  His description to Juliet of how close he was to Kate in the jungle when the island slipped back in time that he could have reached out and touched her – but he didn’t because “what’s done is done”… AHHH!  He’s such a badass with no emotion, but he TOTALLY LOVES HER.  Just watching reruns of the finale of season 4 when he jumps out of the helicopter – and, in essence, away from the love of his life for what we can only assume is forever – can bring me to tears in half a second.

In any case, this show continues to keep me mesmerized.  I can’t wait to get really caught up later this week (hopefully)!  I don’t know how I would be able to carry on without my DVR.


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