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Until the Real Thing Comes Along

I’m pretty sure this book will count in my January goal (I’m a long way behind!), but I finished Elizabeth Berg’s Until the Real Thing Comes Along on Monday night. The story was enjoyable enough, but fairly predictable and even annoying at times.

Plot: Patty’s biological clock is loudly ticking, but the supposed love of her life has recently announced that he is gay. While she and Ethan remain best friends, she wants more. When he decides he needs a change and is ready for a family, he and Patty embark on new territory… one that isn’t necessarily fulfilling for either of them. Obviously.  I must say that the fact that everything is tied up all pretty-like with a bow as far as plot-lines are concerned – even when faced with the conception of a child between a gay man and a woman who remains madly in love with him – irritated me more than a little. 

There are sweet and funny moments, and the desperate desire for a family (one of your own or to truly “belong” in the family you came from) is something that everyone can relate to on some level, I believe. I was a little disappointed in the “cheese” factor overall. Especially after absolutely falling IN LOVE with A Year of Wonders by Berg.  *I recommend that one.  Highly.*

Now, I just need to [finally] wrap up I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley for my “real” February book. Bear with me!


2 thoughts on “Until the Real Thing Comes Along

  1. I absolutely love Elizabeth Berg, but I have shied away from this book forever. I’m not sure why either! I don’t think I’ve read A Year of Wonders yet, but it’s on my to be read shelf if I’m not mistaken. I loved The Art of Mending and Talk Before Sleep though! But don’t read Talk Before Sleep unless you’re prepared to bawl your eyes out.

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