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Bachelor night!

I am so looking forward to The Bachelor tonight, if not only because it has become a routine to watch it every week with my favorite person, but because we are officially down to the end here, folks!  We’ve got three ladies left on their overnight dates to New Zealand happening tonight!  Can you say awesome?

My burning question remains: when the H is Deanna going to make her appearance?!?  This is driving me crazy!

And I know that the dude in Canada sleuthed his way to declaring Melissa the winner on only the second episode, but I’m still rooting for Jillian.


Update: Given I was already in a pretty substantial funk today and was thus a little weepy anyway, the fact that Jillian was sent home tonight, almost put me over the edge.  I do feel, however, that she could do so much better than Jason (single dad with short man’s syndrome… IMHO).  But it was still hard to watch her cry!


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