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Happy Friday the 13th… and Valentines Day! Appropriate.

I wish everyone a happy weekend.  Whether coupled or not coupled, I hope your Valentine’s Day is a happy one and that you are able to spend time with someone you love or doing something that you love. 

And, hey… if you’re not in the mood for romance this year, at least you can watch Jason Voorhies massacre unsuspecting folks at Camp Crystal Lake in honor of Friday the 13th!  I, for one, used to really enjoy the old Friday the 13ths growing up.  I’m pretty sure I will not be game for the new breed of gore and scare tactics, however.  I could handle someone meeting their end with a party favor in the eye ball (remember that one!?!), but I can’t deal with the high-tech blood and guts seen in horror movies released today.  I’m a wuss… I’ll go with old school any day!

In any case – happy weekend!  As for everyone I know, we need and deserve a good one!


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