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I know… I’m incredibly pathetic

I haven’t updated in almost a month!  I have no excuse.  Really.  Except, I suppose, that my social life has become wonderful in the last month or so, and I’ve been distracted.  But I want to provide a quick update.  I will blog more interesting stuff later when I’ve had a few to drink (like in college, my best writing happens then).

  • I joined the gym with my life partner, Brian. 
  • So what?  I joined the gym almost a week ago, and today was the first time I actually worked out!  Give me a break… my ankle has been jacked up due to a mad-dash for a wine bottle during LOST last week.  Anyway, in other news…
  • I have a brand-new-niece.  Little (actually, fairly large) Reese Ava Engelsman entered the world on January 15 at 8 lbs. 15 oz.  I will meet her later in February at her baptism festivities.  I can hardly wait!
  • Work is absolutely bananas.  We have two events within the next 3 work days.  Basically, I am loving life right now.
  • And, LOST is back on the television every Wednesday night.  I am back to drooling over Desmond and Sawyer once a week, and then on Thursdays as I read the follow-up blogs.  I’m obsessed.  It is irrational my love for this show.
  • I moved into a duplex that is all my own.  I haven’t been there much recently, but it is marvelous. 

I need, need, need to get back to work… to be followed up immediately by many drinks and good company.  I’ll try not to be such a lame blogger in the future.  My apologies.


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