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This is going to be amazing…

Sure, I know it’s been a really long time since I’ve blogged.  I could go ahead and provide an update on Christmas with the family (which was fine, actually, thanks for your concern) or provide juicy details on a scandalous New Year’s Eve.  But I have neither.  Things have been cruising along peacefully for some time. (Though I am moving into an amazing duplex in… OOOOHHH, approximately 12 days.  I’ll share more later!)

However, tonight, as I sit on the couch after a particularly frustrating day (for many and widely varied reasons), quite drunk on my amazing (and fantastically strong) sangria recipe, while behaving in a fairly feisty manner, I watched the first episode of this season’s “The Bachelor.”

If you don’t already know (first, I don’t know how to relate to you), this season features Deanna Papas’ reject, Jason, from the justconcluded season of “The Bachelorette.”  You know… the adorable single dad from Seattle.  He’s cute enough, I guess.  And I have been a Bachelor fan since stupid douchebag Alex who was the very first “Bachelor” back in my senior year of college.  But this season is going to be my favorite ever.  I can just feel it.  The previews for the upcoming Mondays look f-ing fantastic.  (First of all, Deanna apparently reappears to beg for Jason’s forgiveness and admit her hugelifechanging mistake!!!!!)  Basically, I can’t wait [CAN’T F-ING WAIT!] to see more. 

And let’s be honest, I don’t feel this way casually about random television programs.  Typically I save this kind of devotion to LOST, and LOST only.  I may need to devote myself to drunk TV watching two nights a week this winter.  Wouldn’t that be too damn bad?

But, LOST, if you’re paying attention: you are still my number 1.  And as long as Sawyer and Desmond continue to have speaking parts on the show, I will be hopelessly devoted.


One thought on “This is going to be amazing…

  1. Now that Pushing Daisies is over, I’m back to “just” being a LOST viewer. When it’s all over and we’ve learned everything, I’m having a total LOST session and buying the rest of the DVD’s I don’t have already and watching the whole thing straight through. It’ll probably take two weeks, but I just don’t care.

    I’d watch if all they showed was an hour of Sawyer jumping in and out of the ocean 🙂

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