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Holiday Burn-out

I just want the holidays to be over with.  I may be in the minority, but I prefer a “regular old day” to any day that falls within the blessed holiday season. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love (for the most part) buying gifts for the people I care about – or am obligated to shop for.  I also enjoy a *FEW* holiday songs.  I really enjoy being able to catch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” almost any night I so choose on TV.  And nothing makes me happier these days than coming home from work and sitting down with an alcoholic beverage to revel in the glow of my immaculately-decorated Christmas tree.

But, in reality, I want all of this hoo-horah to be a distant memory.  I hate the pressure that comes with the days that fall between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.   You know the kind of pressure I’m typing about: from family members about gift lists and meaningful visits, from co-workers about holiday parties and appropriate festive attire, from friends about attending every “ugly Christmas sweater party,” and from retailers regarding making sure you’ve checked every last acquaintance off your shopping list. 

My epiphany: I. Don’t. Need. More. Guilt.

You know what day I can’t wait for?  January 2.  A day with few expectations, and limitless possibilities.  No obligated family visits.  And a day in which no gift exchanges are required.

On that note, I’m off to buy a flask to get me through the next two weeks!  Because I’m far less of a bah-humbug if I’m sufficiently hydrated.


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