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well, now here’s a start!

This week has been a tough one for my goals of all things physical fitness.  I have some sort of cold or other similar illness and would not only rather snuggle up on the couch with Facebook or a “real” book, but I feel that it is the more responsible choice given my lack of health.  Plus, the cold air outside hurts my throat.  I’ve dedicated this week to experimenting with cold medicines, massive amounts of sleep, and whining. 

But I read this blog today, and I LOVED it, and I plan to implement the ideas as soon as I stop sniffling, coughing, and start feeling like running again.  Give me three weeks or so… ;o)

Anyway, take a read:  I’m making this top 10 list a personal mantra.  Maybe it will help me keep to my marathon goal… since I only have 366 days!  YIKES!


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