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a brief update…

It’s been a good while since I’ve written, which may be mostly due to the fact that I am now routinely sleeping for more than 2 hours a night!  SUCCESS!

A few things that have been going on:

  • a great long weekend (thank you, Christopher Columbus!) that included BOTH flip cup AND beer pong!  Exciting!
  • Some developing friendships which has recently resulted in some much-needed and very interesting conversations.
  • good sushi.  really good.
  • I finally went running again on Monday morning.  This time I took both dogs on their “connected” leash.  Said leash works remarkably well on a walk, less well when running.  They loved life while we were out, though, and that made it all worthwhile.
  • I’m hoping to do some more running in the morning
  • LOTS of travel and meetings for work… and I still really, really need a vacation.

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