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to blog again… the long way around.

I am back to blogging.  And I’m thrilled.  I love writing about the crazy things that I see and acknowledge during the day, and I really love to tell stories.  So I’m back!

I’ve titled my blog various forms of “The Long Way” – which is in honor of the most wonderful, honest and truly life-changing songs from the Dixie Chicks (another of my personal favorites).  As I re-read my previous sentence, I’m questioning the term “life-changing,” but I will persist.  Sometimes life-changing is a result of feeling recognized, not-so-alone and less like the first person to not quite fit here or there. 

I don’t fit.  In any way that seems to matter right now, at least, it seems.  I’ve always been a little outside the acceptable in my family.  Not that it is a bad thing… I am single at almost 30 (gasp!), divorced, and not a devoted church attendee.  I swear a fair amount, drink a little more than that, and generally disregard the course of life that my parents have followed and view as the truth for all of my [adult] life. 

I’m taking my own long way.  Maybe someday I’ll settle down, but for now I’m taking my own twisty, sometimes-dark, slightly insane, overly enthusiastic, question-asking, love-seeking long way.  And I like my way.


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