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Instant Insomniac

I have always enjoyed sleep in a way that is almost unhealthy.  Naps are our earthly glimpses of heaven in my mind, and nothing makes me happier than a deep, long night of sleep.  Lately, though, my friend sleep has been elusive. 

I got a prescription today to help with that problem.  And yet, here I am, awake at 2:15 am on a Tuesday morning.  And my brain just keeps going and going and going, around in endless and pointless circles.  Just WHAT is this prescription supposed to be doing, anyway? 

The bottom line is that I am a worrier.  And I’m trying really hard to control my constant list of worries that run on constant repeat in my head.  I have never had such a severe case of the worries, though.  And things aren’t really going that bad. 

Maybe this is all just a part of being me and trying to figure out this life of mine.  Or maybe there really is something lurking just beneath the surface that I know I should be freaking out about, but my brain just hasn’t let the rest of me know what it is I’m so afraid of.  We’ll see.  

Right now, I’m going to start counting sheep for the fourth time…


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